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One on One Therapy/Group ABA Therapy

Twenty-five language and learning areas are assessed using the ABLLS (Assessment of Basic Learning and Language Skills) to identify the skills that will be targeted for most verbal children. The VB-MAPP (Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program) is used to measure 5 component areas in children who have not reached their 48 month milestones. Each child's skill is improved through intensive instruction. The therapy sessions are 1:1 ratio. Each child's program is created to fit their specific needs. Incidental teaching and discrete trial training is used to teach each child's individualized targets.

Individual/Family Counseling

Families of children with special needs struggle with issues that effect the family as a whole. Our counselors on staff are familiar with the issues that are common in many of these homes and offer an opportunity to work through these issues both in an individual/family counseling setting. These services are also effective for those individuals that are struggling with specific problems and have been assessed to benefit from one-on-one counseling.

Parent Consultation
IEP Support
Behavior Evaluation

Social Skill Development

Does Your Child:

  • Have difficulty making or keeping friends?
  • Have trouble acting appropriately in social situations (school, store, parties and meals)?
  • Have difficulty initiating, maintaining or ending a conversation?
  • Make impulsive or poor decisions?
  • Have trouble dealing with anger?
  • Avoid eye contact during conversation?

  • What are social skills?

    Social Skills are a set of behaviors that allow a child to get along better with other people. A child with adequate social skills can adjust well to changes in his environment and can avoid verbal and physical confrontations with other people. A child who has poorly developed social skills, however, may have poor self-esteem, may display conduct problems (fighting, arguing, defying adults) and may have difficulty developing peer relationships.

    What are social skills groups?

    Social Skills groups focus on teaching children a variety of social skills to help improve their ability to make and keep friends, develop more self-confidence and behave more appropriately. Role plays and group interaction will give the children opportunities to practice these skills during the group session. The therapist will utilize behavioral reinforcement to promote rule compliance, participation and use of appropriate social skills, while also encouraging and reinforcing the children to practice these skills outside of the session. Objective information regarding the children's behavior will be gathered before and after the group to measure the children's progress. Parents will be provided with written feedback at the conclusion of each group.